My approach to wedding photography

I am a documentary photographer. I blend in with your wedding and capture the atmosphere, essence and story. This allows you to spend less time posing for photos and more time loving and living every second of your day.

Because you can spend more time creating happy moments with each other and your guests, the photos are genuinely more special for it. You won't just get photos of people; you'll receive a beautiful record of the day as it was, with all the romantic, funny and emotional moments captured forever.

If this is important to you, then please get in touch!

Beautiful Candids Telling the Story I blend into the background
to capture your day
exactly as it unfolds.
re-live each moment
Natural Portraits Capturing the love Beautiful, relaxed portraits taken in a way that makes you feel comfortable, not awkward. true moments, not poses
Stunning Details Preserving the planning You've put so much into the details of the day, they will remain vivid in photos. no detail forgotten