My Family Photos

As a photographer, I’m sure you can guess, my life revolves around photos. Every day I’m either editing photos or photographing a beautiful wedding, a lovely couple or happy family. But somehow, in the last couple of years, I’ve managed to miss photographing my own life.

I recently saw this amazing collection of photographs: 4 sisters have their photos taken every year for 40 years. I was greatly moved to see the progression of life in these photos, it must be wonderful to them to have these to look back on. It reminded me how important my own family photographs are.

My little sister turned 12 this month, and with all my siblings around to celebrate, I took the opportunity to document us properly for the first time, and hopefully do the same every year following.

brother-and-sisters-sibling-family-photography-newton-abbot-natural-relaxed-and-stylish-1-in-the-garden brother-and-sisters-sibling-family-photography-newton-abbot-natural-relaxed-and-stylish-2-hipster-album-cover^^ Hipster shot for if we ever release an album!brother-and-sisters-sibling-family-photography-newton-abbot-natural-relaxed-and-stylish-3-black-and-white-seriousbrother-and-sisters-sibling-family-photography-newton-abbot-natural-relaxed-and-stylish-6-sitting-on-steps-smilingNot being behind the camera, I couldn’t tell when faces were being pulled, but I love the outtakes as much as the ‘proper’ shots.

brother-and-sisters-sibling-family-photography-newton-abbot-natural-relaxed-and-stylish-4-funny-outtake brother-and-sisters-sibling-family-photography-newton-abbot-natural-relaxed-and-stylish-5-funny-outtake

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